Spica is has been designed and created with our year 4 children (typically 8 and 9 years old). Inside, children are able to learn and work on new and existing skills linked to number, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, money, rules, shape, space, fractions, measuring, time and many more.

In addition to the pack, please find the video relating to each skill below or on our YouTube Channel. The videos are designed to work alongside each task with the intention of viewing the video first (like the teacher’s introduction) then completing the task to reinforce the skill. Videos are currently being made for Castor, they will be developed for Spica shortly. Although each task has a complimentary video tutorial, there are instructions and further explanations at the beginning of each task in the workbook, therefore, the videos are not compulsory.

To view a sample task from the Spica Pack, you can download and view it here: Spica

To purchase Spica, please select which version you would like underneath the image.


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Ignite Your Future

Bringing Education to 21st Century

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