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CentEd was established by a small team with years of classroom practice, we are distinguished leaders within a school setting as well as backed up by academic and leadership qualifications. We are also still teaching in primary schools. We still teach day to day in a classroom as well as holding leadership positions (deputy headteacher and senior leadership) within a school. By doing so, it ensures our understanding and professional knowledge remains up to date! Our systems and strategies have been tested daily over years!

We understand that our systematic and wide ranging coverage allows for progression, in a way that will engage children due to the nature of our content, the way we have presented our learning packs in addition to the way we have created our learning videos.

Why CentEd?

Our objective is to enthuse learners in their education. Bringing learning to the 21st century and to the home. Having tutored children outside of the school setting, we understand the challenges and concerns parents face, with questions such as whether your child is at the right level in their class when comparing to their peers as well as what can they do further at home to support their learning. As communication can sometimes be difficult with schools, parents sometimes feel alienated with their child’s progress

We want to support parents in working with their children! This is by following viewing our videos that are published daily as well as following our bespoke, learning packs. Following the learning packs and monitoring their progress, you are able to see where they are succeeding and where they may require additional support. This will then enable you to go over certain skills again or move forward to the next level if they are succeeding.

In creating the packs, we consulted a range of different curriculums, to compare key differences and to decide upon a common level. Through doing so, it enabled us to see which countries are prioritising different skills during each academic year, allowing us to create packs that best reflect their capability. Members of our small team have been heavily involved in creating a multi-million pound new curriculum so have up to date knowledge on what is expected in our ever changing, fast paced world.

As we are a very small team, this allows us to engage with you on a personal level if you have any queries, need further clarification or additional support.

We understand the difficulties with education, which is why we are trying to make a difference.


Ignite Your Future

Bringing Education to 21st Century

Ignite Your Future

Bringing Education to 21st Century

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