From The Ground Up

We’ve created the ultimate curriculum, by combining multiple into our own, we’ve developed a bespoke scheme of work.

Your Very Own Personal Teacher

Each skill has a video that accompanies it. The video is a step by step instruction detailing the steps needed to complete each skill. This eliminates the need for a teacher or tutor.


With You Every Step Of The Way

Whether it is teaching you the skills through our step by step instructional videos, our instructions during the learning packs or our support via our social media channels, we really are with you every step of the way!


There is always a next step in life, which is why we are continuously developing and creating packs that will help during the next stages of your learning journey. Keep an eye out for our year 7/9, GCSE and A-Level packs.

Bespoke Learning Packages

Through our bespoke packages created by educational experts who are still in the classroom, our resources are aimed to support your child in achieving at home without the need for a private tutor.

For children aged 7/8

For children aged 8/9

For children aged 9/10

For children aged 10/11

Video Tutorials

Each skill within the pack has its very own video, their very own personal teacher! This can be used as an introduction to the skill (task) so children are aware of the steps needed to fully grasp and understand what is expected to be successful.

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Ignite Your Future

Bringing Education to 21st Century

Ignite Your Future

Bringing Education to 21st Century

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